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By the early 2000s, several solutions to time zone issues had been proposed. They attempted to make the issue of time less confusing by creating one universal time for the entire world. This had benefits for e-commerce companies in the areas of delivery agreements, online transactions, customer service, and more. In January 2000, British Prime Minister Tony Blair announced an initiative led by Europe's IMRG to create Greenwich Electronic Time (GeT). Like GMT, GeT was based on the meridian running through Greenwich, England and relied on the worldwide network of atomic clocks responsible for keeping precise time. Swiss watchmaker Swatch also began making watches that displayed what it coined Internet time. Instead of dividing every day into 1,440 minutes, Swatch's concept divided days into 1,000 beats. Unlike GMT, Internet time was based on a meridian running through Biel, Switzerland, the home of Swatch's headquarters.

Finally, AppSense Technologies Ltd. was a company addressing the technical side of time zone issues in the early 2000s. It provided a solution for application service providers (ASPs) and companies who served users on distributed computer systems throughout the world. Its TimePortal supported multiple time zones, making it possible for users to see their local time on the desktop, instead of the system time of the remote server to which they were connected. The software allowed this through a simple drop-down menu that enabled distributed users to select their local time and save it in the form of a profile that was effective each time the user logged on. If necessary, time zones could be adjusted as users traveled between different time zones.


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